Mirella Mordoki Outlines New Business Management Trends & Procedures

The way the world does business is changing at an alarming rate, from thinking outside their own borders to moving their operations entirely online. With this comes a needed change in how businesses are managed, says Mirella Mordoki, an entrepreneur based in Fullerton, California.

With that being said, there are some emerging trends in the business management world that may be here to stay, she adds. From using software applications to selecting who is in leadership roles, here are some of the biggest changes of late.

More Business Management Software

Like many things, digital applications are taking over some of the roles previously performed by humans. The management world is no different, says Mirella Mordoki, as small and medium sized businesses are increasingly turning to software to help achieve their business goals.

There are several functions of business management software, from accounting, scheduling, and even automated invoicing. Meanwhile, software has also permeated business process management — with data analytics playing a major role in refining how business is performed including making manufacturing more efficient.

Mirella Mordoki on Evolving Management Styles

In the past, many in management roles took a “hands off” but authoritative approach. However, this is changing for a couple of reasons, explains Mirella Mordoki.

For one, joining staff on the front lines of a project shows you’re willing to do the work and are open to collaboration, which can build trust. However, maintaining some command is important to ensure order and timeliness.

Secondly, many employees are now working remotely and that number is only increasing. This poses an extra challenge for management, but also creates an opportunity to modify their approach — including helping employees stay focused on objectives rather than getting lost in the processes.

Younger Generations in Leadership Roles

Age is becoming less of a barrier to breaking into management, which makes sense as millennials make up close to half of America’s workforce. They’re also tech-savvy and support working remotely, explains Mirella Mordoki.

As baby boomers start retiring at an increasing rate, the doors have opened for younger leaders to emerge, and they carry considerable business training with them.

The world of business management is increasingly using technology to fill gaps and speed up processes, but the approach to management is also evolving as more staff work remotely, explains Mirella Mordoki. New leaders are stepping into the spotlight as the way business is conducted shifts.

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