Mirella Mordoki on the Importance of Building Strong Relationships for Your Career

As humans, we all share a basic need for connection. Being motivated to develop and maintain relationships with others is a natural part of our genetic make-up. In fact, a lack of connection can impact our health, our ability to adapt, and our overall well-being.

In the workplace, building relationships is especially important for success as an employee and an organization as a whole. Personal connections with managers, leaders, coworkers, and customers lead to increased engagement and performance. In fact, a recent study found that people who have friendships at work are more engaged in their job than those who don’t.

Mirella Mordoki, a seasoned entrepreneur located in Fullerton, California, understands the importance of building strong relationships for your career and shares ways you can make building good work relationships a priority.

Practice Good People Skills

People skills include practicing empathy, compassion, good communication, active listening, problem-solving, collaboration, and more. Having these skills when interacting with others in the workplace will provide a foundation for mutually beneficial relationships, says Mirella Mordoki. Over time, good relationships will improve organizational dynamics, keeping company stakeholders actively engaged and happy.

Be Self-aware

Self-awareness allows us to recognize how we handle situations, empowering ourselves as well as others to be more supportive. This can have a drastic impact on how we transform our relationships and our lives in the process. Mirella Mordoki further notes how being self-aware also helps us recognize thinking and behavioral patterns formed in our childhood, which often form the basis of our relationships in adulthood and how we relate to others.

Set Boundaries

Boundaries are important in all relationships, especially relationships in the workplace. Knowing your boundaries, sticking with them, and respecting others’ are crucial for not only maintaining healthy workplace relationships, but also maintaining career and workplace success. For example, if a colleague tries to monopolize your time, it’s important to politely defend the boundaries you’ve set out for yourself, so that you can stay on track of your goals for yourself and the organization altogether.

Mirella Mordoki’s Conclusion

Bottom line, building positive workplace relationships is vital for both career and organizational success. Relationships can positively (or negatively) affect satisfaction in the workplace, career advancements and achievements, etc. When you build positive relationships, you’ll not only feel more engaged with your work, but you’ll also feel more comfortable with your interactions, forming closer bonds with the people you spend the majority of your day with, says Mirella Mordoki.

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