Hi everyone and welcome! My name is Mirella Mordoki and I am an entrepreneur located in Fullerton, California. I am married to my husband, Alberto Mordoki, and together we have been involved in the real estate, dry wall, and construction businesses for many years. I am currently the Controller of our construction business.

When I first met Alberto, I was working as an assistant in a real estate office. In the year 2000 Alberto asked me to begin helping in the office when an assistant could not come in that day. I started coming in and it turned out that I would stay and continue to help. At the time I did not know anything about the business, but I had studied accounting in my home country, Mexico, and I knew some programs on the computer, so it was easy for me to learn. I took some courses on QuickBooks and a construction administration course. I am a great organizer and began handling the accounting, payroll, and financial aspects of the company.

I enjoyed helping Alberto in the business and it gave me the flexibility to raise our kids during those important early years. Together Alberto and I have five children. We eventually converted one of the rooms in the office into a playroom and I was glad to be able to take care of the kids and also help Alberto at the office.

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Entrepreneur with a Family Owned Business Focused in the Construction industry with expertise in drywall. Located in Fullerton, California.